• The Grappler allows LE to quickly bring a suspect vehicle to a stop.
  • The "bull bar" look of the Grappler allows SWAT teams to utilize the device on unmarked units for maximum concealment.
  • The system reload takes less than five minutes. 
Field grapples


First capture......11-4-2018


Last updated Sept 6th 2021

Field Grapples as of July 1, 2021

Agency names have been redacted. If you are LE, we will email you the unredacted version!

Note: This may not be a complete list as news of field grapples tends to trickle in.

Note: Some alleged crimes are not known.

Date/                     Agency                                    Alleged crime

July 1st      Agency names redacted       Homicide 

July 2nd                                                                Gang related

July 6th                                                                 Assault with deadly weapon

July 6th                                                                 Assault with deadly weapon

July 6th                                                                 Gang related

July 9th                                                                 Homicide

July 12th                                                               Homicide

July 13th                                                               FTY

July 19th                                                               Street Racing

July 29th                                                               Unknown

July 28th                                                               Gang related

August 1st                                                             Unknown

August 2nd                                                            Stolen vehicle

August 19th                                                           Armed robbery

August 20th                                                          Stolen vehicle

August 22nd                                                         Stolen vehicle

August 22nd                                                         Unknown

August 29th                                                          FTY

Sept 2nd                                                               Assault w/deadly weapon

Sept 4th                                                                Unknown

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